QMAC Management Consultant is a management consulting firm and we are the most trusted strategist on business management & growth.

We work with leading organizations across the private, public and social sectors. We have deep functional and industry expertise to uncover the root causes of problem and to reach ideal & enduring solution. We are passionate about taking on enormous challenge that matter to our clients.


Our People


Our people have leadership potential, integrity, a sharp analytical mind, creativity, and the ability to work with people at all levels in an organization. We offer rich learning experiences and that rewards and promotes our people based on the value they create, not on indiscriminate measures such as seniority.



Our Vision


Our vision is to help our clients to achieve a sustainable improvement in their performance to deliver quality which delights customers and to build such an elite organization that magnetize, develops, inspires, and retains exceptional people.


Our Approach


  • We deliver more value than expected

  • We have the courage to invent and experts to provide best solutions to problems

  • We build internal support & find out real issues

  • We share a structured problem-solving approach, where all opinions and options are considered, researched, and analyzed carefully before recommendations are made

  • Our recommendations are based on facts rather than assumptions

  • Our analysis and recommendations produce more than just short-term results

  • We come to better answers in team and our structured problem solving approach considers all opinions to research & carefully analyze before recommendations are made.  

  • We believe that our client’s mission is our mission, as we believe that our client’s success is our success.

  • We don’t reveal sensitive information

  • We deliver the best of our company to every client as cost effectively as we can.

  • We show respect to local custom and culture, as long as we don’t compromise our integrity.


About QMAC