Knowledge Enhancement- Training

Type of Knowledge


There are two types of knowledge viz. explicit knowledge and Tacit Knowledge

Explicit Knowledge: is recorded and well documented information that helps in taking action and also expressed in formal language

Tacit knowledge: is knowledge people carry around in their head. It is embedded within the head/minds of researchers of the institution or organization or research unit etc. It covers insights, perceptions, expertise views, techniques and skills, which is unique to the person

Development of Knowledge


Knowledge development takes place in two forms.

The one- is where conversion takes place between tacit knowledge and explicit knowledge. And other- is where knowledge created by individual is transformed into knowledge at the group and organizational levels.

Knowledge development fuels innovation. Organizational knowledge is developed  during the conversion from tacit to explicit and back to tacit knowledge that organizational knowledge. Individuals create knowledge and an organization cannot create knowledge without them

Management of Knowledgement


Knowledge Management can transform organizational new levels of effectiveness, efficiency, and scope of operation, using advanced technology, data and information are made available to users for effective productivity. Knowledge Management is continually discovering organizational tacit knowledge.

What Is Knowledge


What is Knowledge

Knowledge is both the theoretical and the practical information. Our knowledge increases as we gain more experience.  Knowledge is an important source for value creation in an organization and needs to be managed carefully. It is a vibrant force in the rapidly changing global economy and society